2021 International Conference on Communication Technology and Information Technology (ICCTIT 2021)
The Successful Conclusion of the ICCTIT 2021!

2021 International Conference on Communication Technology and Information Technology (ICCTIT 2021) has been successfully held on December 03, 2021, which is a virtual conference.

There were about 100 delegates attended the offline and online conference, several experts in related fields were invited to give keynote speeches. The in-depth discussions among the attendees effectively advanced the academic exchange. 

Group Photo



At the same time, We have invited 7 respectable professors to deliver an unusual keynote addresses at the plenary meeting, consisting of  Dr. Miaowen Wen (South China University of Technology, China), Dr. Anand Nayyar(Duy Tan University, Da Nang, Vietnam), Prof. Lisu Yu(Nanchang University, China), Assoc. Prof. Weifeng Sun(Dalian University of Technology, China),  Assoc. Prof. Yongquan Yan(Shanxi University, China), Prof. Lin Chen(University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China),  Prof. Intan Zaurah Mat Darus( Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Teknologi, Malaysia).

Keynote Speakers

1.Dr. Miaowen Wen.png

1.Dr. Miaowen Wen

2 Dr. Anand Nayyar.png

2.Dr. Anand Nayyar

3 Prof. Lisu Yu.png

3. Prof. Lisu Yu

4 Assoc. Prof. Weifeng Sun.png

4. Assoc. Prof. Weifeng Sun

5 Assoc. Prof. Yongquan Yan.png

5. Assoc. Prof. Yongquan Yan

6 Prof. Lin Chen.png

6. Prof. Lin Chen

7 Prof. Intan Zaurah Mat Darus.png

7. Prof. Intan Zaurah Mat Darus

AEIC as the organizer has taken practical actions to facilitate the conference. In the future, AEIC will continue to adhere to the spirit of “professionalism, dedication and concentration” and keep delivering high-quality academic exchange activities to enhance collaborative research and engagement.